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New Sports Hall

Maximising student well-being and balance is another priority for MIS.

Current research on the neurology and physiology of learning indicates that young people need physical activity and movement several times per week, both to keep their bodies fit, and to support the learning and memory-making processes of the brain. In order to increase the amount of movement and physical exercise in our students’ schedules, as well as to create facilities that promote participation, community-building and school spirit, MIS needs a new physical fitness facility.

The new facility would house four gymnasiums for physical education, a fitness studio, dance and martial arts spaces, improved changing facilities, and spectator bleachers. Additionally, there would be space for the Sportverein and the Parent Teacher Verein, and the ability to serve as a whole-school assembly hall with space for up to 1,800 students, faculty, parents and visitors.

With sufficient philanthropic support, there is also the potential to expand the ‘New Sports Hall’ to include an additional floor with multiple studios and learning spaces.


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