Sustainability at MIS

Munich International School has a long standing tradition of environmentally and climate-related projects. Students and staff, who are part of the Eco-Committee, meet regularly in order to evaluate and discuss ideas for improvement.

In early 2019, MIS signed a contract with a local energy contractor in order to convert to using renewable energy. By taking this step, the school will reduce its emissions by almost half and will significantly reduce the amount of energy use such as electric power, heating, ventilation etc.

The five building phases of the energy contracting concept involve the following actions:


PHASE 1 (Spring Break 2019) – completed
  • Installation of new solar panels on the LADC roof
  • Building of a central energy infrastructure (electric power/heating) on campus
PHASE 2 (Summer Break 2019) – completed
  • Removal of all old heating boilers in Junior School, Gym and Schloss
  • Installation of new combined heat & power plant and buffer tanks
  • Installation and connection of heating systems of Junior School, Gym and Schloss
  • Preparation of heating and electric infrastructure for the new quadruple Gym and Hub
PHASE 3 (Summer Break 2020) 
  • Installation of second combined head & power plant
PHASE 4 (estimated Summer Break 2021) 
  • Installation of solar panels on the new quadruple Gym
PHASE 5 (estimated Summer Break 2022)
  • Removal of old ventilation system in the Gym
  • Installation of additional buffer tanks
  • Improvement of heat distribution technique

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