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The goal of the Student Support Services department at MIS is to support all students’ development as they move through the school by providing comprehensive programmes addressing their needs in the realms of academic, personal/social, career and further education.

We recognise and value the diverse learning needs of our students.  As such, our faculty implement strategies within the classroom to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of a range of learning styles. MIS has a comprehensive Student Support Services Department that includes Learning/Academic Support faculty, as well as personal, college and career counseling.  

An important support service of international schools is to assist students with transitions. The Junior, Middle and Senior School staff collaborate to ensure that the progress of students into the next school proceeds as smoothly as possible.

Each August we welcome new students and their families through orientation activities. Each Spring, Junior and Middle School support staff work closely with subject teachers to prepare Grade 4 students’ transition to the Middle School. Senior School support staff also cooperate with the Middle School to ease students into the Senior School Programme. We also support grade 11 and 12 students in preparation for life beyond MIS.

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