SCIS Varsity Girls Boys 2018

Hosted by MIS. 

Participating Schools:

American International School Vienna (AIS)
American School of Warsaw (ASW)
International School of Geneva (LCG)-Girls only
Munich International School (MIS)
American International School of Budapest (BUD)

All games will be best of 5 sets.

Tournament Results

Friday 12 October

Coaches bus 08:45
Student drop off 09:00

Time G/B Gym 1 Results Gym 3 Results
09:45 Girls AIS v MIS


WAR v LCG 21-25,18-25,25-18, 17-25
11:30 Boys MIS v WAR 22-25, 18-25,25-23,17-25 BUD v AIS 20-25,12-25,12-25
13:15 Girls MIS v WAR 17-25,10-25,14-25 BUD v AIS 5-25,23-25,25-21,24-26
15:00 Boys AIS v MIS 25-14,25-21,25-21 BUD v WAR 25-20,12-25,16-25,6-25
16:45 Girls AIS v WAR 25-18,9-25,25-23,25-12 LCG v BUD 22-25,17-25,20-25
18:30 Boys MIS v BUD 25-19,25-18,25-18 WAR v AIS 25-22,20-25,13-25,17-25


Housing pick up: 
Girls 18:30
Boys 20:00

Saturday 13 October

Coaches bus 08:30
Student drop off 08:45

Time Gym 1 Results Gym 3 Results
09:30 Girls MIS v LCG 26-24,24-26,25-14,18-25,15,11 BUD v WAR 24-26,9-25,22-25
11:15 Boys Final AISvWAR 25-11,25-18,25-21

3rd v 4th   MIS V BUD

13:00 Girls BUD v MIS 21-25,19-25,25-20,25-20,12-15 AIS v LCG 25-16,25-13,20-25,26-24
14:45   Presentation   Presentation

Final Results

Boys- Champions- AIS  2nd Place- ASW  3rd Place-MIS  4th Place- BUD

Sportsmasnhip Award-BUD

Girls Champions-ASW  2nd Place-MIS  3rd Place-AIS  4th Place-BUD  5th Place-LCG

Sportsmasnhip Award-ASW

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