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Board of Directors

According to the Articles of the Association, the Board of Directors is authorized to govern the school.

The Board of Directors consists of nine Association Members and the Head of School as a non-voting member. The Board can also co-opt up to three non-voting members to the Board.

The governing responsibilities of the Board of Directors are the determination of top-level policy with a view to secure the integrity of the School’s Mission; oversight of school finances and the appointment, support and evaluation of the Head of School. The Board also anticipates the future needs of the school and plans for them by formulating short and long-term strategies.

The overall goal of the Board is to hold the School in trust in order to preserve its viability for the future. Day-to-day operation, curriculum and administrative management of the School are outside the scope of the Board’s mandate and are, therefore, delegated to the Head of School.

Head of School & Senior Leadership Team

Munich International School’s leadership team – known as the School Leadership Team (SLT) – manages the current and future needs of the School.

Timothy Thomas

Head of School

+49 (0) 8151 366 100

Timothy Thomas

Kristen Di Matteo

Deputy Head of School

+49 (0) 8151 366 104

Roman Friemel

Chief Operations Officer

+49 (0) 8151 366 110

Roman Friemel

Anders Carlsson 

Senior School Principal

+49 (0) 8151 366 200

Anders Carlsson

Michelle Juhasz

Middle School Principal

+49 (0) 8151 366 300

David Freed 

Junior School Principal

+49 (0) 8151 366 400

David Freed

Daragh Comerford

Director of Learning Technologies

+49 (0) 8151 366 134

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