MIS Student Anna Pertl receives Order of Merit!

MIS warmly congratulates Grade 12 student Anna Pertl who is going to receive the Order of Merit for her exceptional support of women in Burkina Faso this Saturday.

What started with 80 women is now enabling over 5000 women to build and manage vegetable gardens and therefore become more financially independent. Since the first community gardens were established, teachers are now being trained and wells dug in order to access ground water supply.

Currently funded solely by donations, Anna Pertl hopes that this project will in time, become self-sufficient.

Check out www.onewomanonegarden.com to read more about and to support this project.

See also the local press publications:

Süddeutsche Zeitung, 11 December 2018
Starnberger Merkur, 13 December 2018

Last week, Anna was also named a Global Teen Leader by the Three Dot Dash organisation.

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