Learning Technologies
“Transforming learning through technology.”

At Munich International School we believe that a contemporary learning environment should reflect the technology-rich experiences available to students and staff outside schools. To this end we have, since 2008, provided one-to-one access to MacBooks for faculty and for students in grades 7-12. In addition we provide a very low student to device ratio of both MacBooks and iPads, as appropriate, to younger students.  Every classroom has interactive whiteboard technology.  There is high speed wireless access for students, teachers and the whole MIS community.

We also believe that such technology access enables us to transform the learning of our students and provide experiences that would not be possible without such access.  We aim to:

  1. Enable learners to develop skills in communication, analysis, collaboration, creation and evaluation.
  2. Engage learners in solving real-world problems set in meaningful and authentic contexts.
  3.  Connect learners with a global learning network.
  4. Empower, inspire and support learners to be self-directed, creative, responsible and adaptable.
  5. Equip learners with a strong foundation in the application of digital tools.
  6. Provide learners with anytime, anywhere access to a variety of technologies and the skills to choose them appropriately.

We are also aware that such transformations do not occur by accident so we have a team of Learning Technology Teachers to support our faculty in redefining teaching and learning as they review, incorporate and evaluate new technologies.

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