Language Philosophy

Language underlies all learning, permeating the fabric of all we do in the education of our students.

Language is not isolated to one domain or another, rather it is considered in terms of:

  • learning language,
  • learning through language, and
  • learning about language.

Attending to students’ language development is a pedagogical imperative. This development is essential to students’ intellectual and social growth and enables full participation in the wider community. (from Halliday, in Language and learning in IB programmes, 2012: 22-26)

  • English is the principal language of instruction of the school. All students with suitable proficiency in English are offered instruction in a language/literature programme in English.

The development of English Language proficiency is a priority for all students at MIS aimed at enabling each individual to study the most appropriately challenging IB Diploma English course in grades 11 and 12.

  • All students in mother-tongue proficiency in German are offered instruction in a language/literature programme in German.
  • In grades 1-4, students whose mother-tongue is neither German nor English are placed in a language B level German class when they have made sufficient progress in English. Non-German students needing academic support in English attend German as deemed appropriate.
  • In grades 5-12, all other students are offered language B level German language instruction.
  • For students whose mother tongue is not English or German it is recommended that separately funded instruction in their mother-tongue continues during their education at MIS. The School supports parent and government funded initiatives for the teaching of mother tongue languages not offered as part of the School's regular curriculum.
  • The school requires that students use the target language in lessons, but allows the use of other languages for the reinforcement of learning within the classroom.
  • French Language Acquisition, Mandarin Language Acquisition and Spanish Language Acquisition are taught starting in grade 6 and extending to the IB Diploma. 

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