Global-mindedness is about peace -- it's about seeking harmonious interaction with others and developing one's understanding and appreciation of other's values, cultures, identities and needs. 

Global-mindedness is about principles -- it's about socio-economic and political awareness, acting purposefully and living conscientiously within our local, regional and global communities for the long-term benefit of others and our planet.

Global-mindedness is about competence -- it's about successful interaction with diverse communities through different languages and recognition of multiple perspectives. 

Global-mindedness is about participation -- it's about taking full advantage of and contributing to the resources and experiences offered within a diverse and multi-cultural environment. 

At Munich International School we aim to:

  1. ensure that the teaching and curricula effectively embrace global-mindedness and diversity and that both the taught and implicit curricula promote intercultural understanding and respect for all;
  2. promote communication and actions that are culturally and socially respectful and intentionally diverse;
  3. empower the members of our community to have positive individual and cultural identities;
  4. celebrate our cultural diversity within the local and expatriate communities, as well as that of other social and cultural groups, and;
  5. develop faculty and staff intercultural awareness, sensitivity and competence so that we are able to be effective models and facilitators of global-mindedness.

Munich International School, Intercultural Awareness Committee, Last Revision: 10/03/2014

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