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Munich International School works in partnership with Il Cielo, our on-site catering company to provide our community with a high standard of healthy lunches and snacks.

Il Cielo

'Our aim is to prepare food that fulfills the needs of children yet also makes children aware that cooking and eating can be fun'. 

Il Cielo in the News

In March 2016, Il Cielo's founder and manager Carola Petrone was acknowledged as a distinguished entrepreneur in the Süddeutche Zeitung. On Monday 7 March 2016, Bavarian Economics Minister Ilse Aigner and the President of the Bavarian Hotel and Restaurant Association Ulrich Brandl awarded Ms. Petrone a "Service Qualität Deutschland" award for Il Cielo’s success and leadership in providing high quality organic catering, exceptional service and a customer-first approach.

Who we are and what motivates us

In the beginning we were “only” parents who did not want to accept the fact that children at schools were being fed with convenience food or frozen pre-cooked meals. In the meantime, we have become a professional and passionate caterer.

Our Goal is to introduce good and healthy food to children of all ages, always keeping in mind that the food they eat supports a healthy lifestyle. We are convinced that food can be something heavenly. With our style of food preparation we want to bring a piece of heaven down to earth.  

100% Fresh & 100% Organic

This requirement has been a main part of our philosophy since the very beginning. Our aim is to provide top quality meals for schools on a daily basis. Our meals are prepared fresh and from scratch every day and on site. To the best possible extent, we avoid using ready-made products.

There is nothing wrong with the occasional frozen or pre-cooked meal; sometimes it is the easy and fast way to fill a growling stomach. However, a healthy and good tasting meal from our perspective is something different. The meals have to fulfill the nutritional needs of children on a daily basis.

Cooking to the needs of children according to the seasons

Our menus change according to the season, meaning we avoid buying products that are shipped/trucked or flown across the world. Taking care of the environment we live in is also a main part of our philosophy. We feel that using 100% organic products for our meals and ecological purchasing go hand-in-hand.

We deliberately cook with seasonal and regional produce. That is why we actually have a Spring/Summer/Autumn and Winter menu. Strawberries, for instance, only appear on our menu when it is strawberry season. Not only do they taste better during that time, their quality is better since they are then a regional product. No long haul transport – yet another big plus for our environment.

Please visit Il Cielo's Munich International School webpage for more information.

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