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Interested parents and/or guardians are warmly invited to submit to the Admissions Office a completed MIS application form and relevant supporting documentation.

Application forms and related documents can be found to the right.

By signing the application form, the parent(s) and/or guardian(s) certify that, at the time of application/admission, all information pertinent to a) the testing and admission of a student to MIS, and b) the parent(s)’/guardian(s)’ financial circumstances, as required by legal provisions, have been disclosed. 

Failure to provide accurate translations of academic documents, or to declare accurately and fully any assessments or evaluations made for educational support (e.g. special education or gifted programmes, individual educational plans, child guidance clinics, private tutoring, speech therapy, psychological assessment, etc.) and/or a student’s psychological/medical background may affect the School’s ability to offer the best possible education for the student, and may result in the annulment of the application or the School’s acceptance offer, or the student may be required to withdraw from MIS.

The selection of students is based upon demonstrated academic proficiency and appropriate behaviour, as well as attitude to school and study habits.  Admission also depends upon the availability of suitable places.

All submitted application materials remain the property of Munich International School. Please see the Application document for instructions on sending in your application materials.


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