Application Guidance

Parents and/or guardians are invited to submit an application form together with any relevant forms and documentation. 

The School will acknowledge this application in writing and quickly advise if there are any further steps or additional information or documentation required e.g. an interview and/or testing may need to be arranged depending upon the age, Grade level, and language proficiency of the student.

After reviewing the application, the School will either grant the student admission, offer the student a place on a waiting list, or advise that it is not possible to offer the student a place. Sometimes it may not be possible to offer the student a place owing to the availability of places in the relevant Grade level, or the School may not believe that it has the resources available to assist the student to be successful. 

Where there are places available and the School believes that it can support a student to be successful, preference will be given to international families, siblings of current students and ‘returning’ students i.e. students who have previously attended MIS.

In all cases, the parent(s)/guardian(s) will be advised in writing about the outcome of the application process as quickly as possible. If admission is granted, the School will enclose a school contract with a letter of acceptance.  This contract must be signed and returned to the School within approximately two weeks in order for the student’s place to be confirmed.

Please note that most verbal and written communication with parent(s)/guardian(s) is in English. As needed, parent(s)/guardian(s) will be required, at their own expense, to provide for English translation for interviews, parent-teacher conferences, documents etc.

The granting or denial of admission is the responsibility of the Head of School in collaboration with the School Principals. All school decisions are final.

Any attempt to influence a decision or gain advantage by personal approaches by parents of applicants to Board members, faculty members or testing and evaluating staff, are strongly discouraged and may result in an application being declined.

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