Annual Giving 2019/20

Why Give?

Nurturing, challenging and inspiring students requires inspiring teachers, superior facilities, exceptional materials and the resources to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. Munich International School (MIS) is able to offer extraordinary experiences to our students and community because many parents, grandparents, alumni, current and former teachers and staff, and other friends of the School have given generously throughout our 50+ year history.

Why does MIS need philanthropic support?

Tuition and fees at MIS are substantial. What many people do not realise, however, is that our fees are calculated with a clear intention to remain as affordable as possible. Our tuition fees cover our personnel costs and expenses for educational materials, ongoing professional development, maintenance of our facilities, utilities, security, cleaning and other routine spending. As MIS is a non-profit association and receives some funding from the Bavarian government, we must negotiate a careful financial balancing act that precludes almost any form of investment or savings. Our entrance fees have always supported periodic, large-scale capital works projects such the Languages, Arts and Design Centre (LADC) and Track & Field Complex, and our Performing Arts Centre (PAC). The timely completion of the LADC and eight-lane Track & Field was made possible, however, only because of additional philanthropic support from the school community.

MIS+ The Capital Campaign for MIS

Launched in May 2019, MIS+ The Campaign for MIS is the School’s current major focus in respect of philanthropic giving and includes support for the following key projects:
Innovation Hub, New Sports Hall, Innovation Grants and Makers' Laboratory

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