After School Activities

Complementing and enriching class work in arts, technology, strategic thinking and sports.

Munich International School offer students a diverse assortment of co-curricular activities that inspire participants to develop new skills, discover and nurture individual interests and talents and share intercultural perspectives while fostering new social networks and friendships.

The activities programme is essential to achieving the MIS Mission and provides a uniquely suitable path for intercultural communication, community and understanding. Learning through the co-curriculum is a valuable and enriching aspect of growing up, helping students to develop resilience, adaptability, self-confidence and a sense of identity. The co-curriculum also strengthens curriculum work. Students involved in the arts, clubs and sports are more likely to be recognised for academic excellence.

The programme operates across the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools, offering activities for every student on campus and varying according to the season and year. Faculty and staff, qualified parents and certified external instructors lead activities. 

The activities programme has three areas: Arts, Clubs and Non-Competitive Sports. 

The Arts programme includes theatre and music productions, choirs, bands, orchestras, private instrumental tuition, dance, drama, painting, drawing, ceramics, craft, design, film and photography. The performing arts - instrumental, choir, dance, drama and theatre activities - offer students the opportunity to participate in numerous performances hosted at MIS, as well as camps, events and festivals held in Bavaria and abroad. MIS is a member of ISTA (the International School Theater Association) and AMIS (the Association for Music in International School). 

Clubs provide hands-on experience and nurture creative, critical and multi-dimensional thinking. Clubs include activities such as cooking, chess, speech & debate, Model United Nations, mandarin language, technology and coding. MIS is a member of NESDA (New European Speech and Debate Association), which provides students with the chance to participate in tournaments with other English-speaking European schools. The Model United Nations club participates in MUN conferences. 

Non-Competitive Sports allow students to try a variety of sports and develop their skills in a welcoming and positive atmosphere. The programmes focus on individual development and growth, while cultivating concepts of good sportsmanship and team play. This is a great avenue to learn skills that can be used for a lifetime of play or taken to new levels through the MIS Athletics programme.

When travelling on overnight trips to take part in events, festivals, tournaments or concerts, MIS students are often housed by families of the host school. This is also expected from MIS families with children participating in programmes that require travel, as a reciprocal agreement between all participating schools.

It is recommended that families host two or more visitors at a time to make both families and their guests more at ease. We strive to make the hosting experience as positive as possible for host families and their guests.

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