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The Capital Campaign for MIS

Munich International School is proud to launch its latest Capital Campaign: MIS+.
MIS+ comprises the following four key elements arising from the School’s Strategic Plan in order to transform the lives of current and future MIS students:

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Thanks to the generosity of early donors, considerable progress with two of the four elements has already been made. ‘Innovation Grants’ (for teaching and learning) were launched in 2017, and a new ‘Makers’ Laboratory’ was opened in September 2018. Further donations toward these initiatives will create yet more opportunities for MIS students.

Planning for the two remaining elements has also been made possible through the generosity of early donors. With sufficient further donations, a ‘New Sports Hall’ has the potential to be opened in Summer 2021. Following the completion of the ‘New Sports Hall’, a new ‘Innovation Hub’ would then be housed within the existing structure of our current sports hall and completed in Summer 2022. In total, we are seeking a minimum of € 7.5 million from donors in order to be able to build both the ‘New Sports Hall’ and the ‘Innovation Hub’.

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